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3 Secrets For Surviving A Family Vacay With Kids (swimming pool)

Bring children for a family trip can be full of fun, or turn into a disaster if not in a good plan. Look at the list of what you can expect & how to survive if you are in the situation.

We don’t have an idea of how deep is the swimming pool​

Yes, some hotel has a kids pool. Is the depth suitable for your start to walking toddler? What if the pool connected directly with a 5ft adult pool? And without fencing install in between?

Parent Secret:

The safety swim vest is the must-have in here. At least you can avoid unwanted events to happen when you are off your eyes in seconds. Sauf Vest has sizes as young as toddler swim vest.

More luggage more headache

Vacay with kids, literally more bags. Adding swimming board, float, google, water gun, toys, towel (the never-ending list) will make your luggage overwhelm.  

Parents Secret:

Look for compact foam swim vest that easily folds into like-a-book size. So you only have 1 safety swim vest to pack along. Rest assured, you can leave other float or swim aid behind. 

Nabiji Swim Vest

Inflatable float is prone to go wrong

Many times, it has a pinch hole, the moment we need them. Each time holiday, you need to buy a brand new set. It’s kind of a tiring-never ends problem. Not to say the out-of-size to your children.  

Parent Secret:

Consider getting a foam safety vest. It has long durability. Get ones with approval from US Coast Guard & Canada Approval (ULC). Sauf Vest is approval is here.

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    Now much for 2 vest, 8years old & 3 years old

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