Yes, get the right size matters. Without compromising the safety, of course.

sauf kids life vest review
"Previously, those kids swim life vests that we bought off from the shelves don't fit well. They are either too big or too small. This swim life vest fits perfectly for his age"

- Enid Tang, Malaysia.

Buying a Coast Guard-approved kids life vest is important to keep our children safe when in the water. An unnecessary accident can be prevented. Ultimately provide peace of mind to the parents.


Coast Guard Approved kids life vest from the U.S. & Canadian.

Children learn to swim vest, swimming, boating activities.

Keeping children’s head out of water is a top criterion when choosing kid buoyancy aid.

[ Your Kids Weight Range ]

Neovi Baby Life Jacket
Under 14 kg

Henna Toddler Life Vest
9 – 14 kg

Henna Kids Life Vest
14 – 27 kg

Henna Kids Life Vest
27 – 41 kg


What Are 8 Features Makes SAUF Is The Best Life Vest For Kids?

United States Coast Guard (USCG)

Coast Guard Approved Kids PFDs

SAUF life vests series approved by the U.S. & Canadian Coast Guard as can be seen inside each flotation vest.

Grab handle 

A safety strap at the top of the jacket can be easily reached by parents when need to pull kids out of the water immediately.

Crotch strap

A safety strap between the legs to prevent the life jacket ride up when kids jump into the water and keep children’s heads out of water.

Heads up function

SAUF Neovi Life Vest Series is a type 2 PFD that will turn some wearers to face up in the water.

Large Neck Collar

Like a pillow to support kids head when in back float swim position allowing kids to float longer in comfort.


With only 200gm, SAUF life vest offering compact, super-thin, and comfortable for long hour wearing.

Soft neoprene for babies

SAUF Neovi Life Vest made of neoprene fabric, the stretchy material brings snug fit to babies for comfortable long hour wearing.

Double Click Lock Buckle

Safety buckles with double click lock as added safety features.

sauf kids life vest review
"The SAUF life vest is lightweight and good quality with comfortable material, dries quickly, and loved the color too! They still hate the water so hope by continue using Sauf will build their confidence in swimming soon. Thanks, Sauf for this great product"

- Wan Lin, Singapore.

What will you get if you buy SAUF compare to other brands?

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sauf vest kids life jacket review
sauf vest kids life jacket review
sauf vest kids life jacket review
sauf vest review
sauf vest kids life jacket review

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