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Meet The New Bluesage Collection!

It’s here, our radically amazing new collections of life vest polished with significant upgrades. Check these out!

When Bluesage partner up with prisms – BOOM!

Blue and sage colors are the exact energies that we are conveying in our latest design concept. Blue evokes calm while sage expressing secure. Elements we need to build positive spirit so that your child will have these vibes when wearing Sauf vest. Amazingly the colors are based on the standard of Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC). Looking back at the previous life vests, we now add spectacular design that lends it looks appealing in the market.  Take into account that all of our new vests had a softer nylon material that makes it soft to touch and fast drying.

Wide selections for chubby kids too!

This new product range witnessing Neovi infant life vest is to be maintained. We respond quickly to understand consumer trends and needs by expanding Henna with more options of sizes which are Henna Toddler and Henna Plus Size so that every kid can join the pool party. More flexible, they even come with a foam contoured at the back to sustain the child to stay upright position in the water.

Tempting, aren’t they?

The Bluesage 2018 Collections are available from 1st November 2018 onwards and good news for Malaysian, Singaporean and Bruneian, you get free shipping. Or if you want an in-depth study on the vests, do come to our showroom at

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