Posted by Izzan Salleh | 19 October 2017

I always love to be in the water and not only just me, my husband, my children even until the youngest one we have this kind of obsession whenever it comes to water. I guess you can say that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. No matter where we are, whether in the pool or in the sea we just go crazy about it. It’s all fun and games until that my husband and I don’t feel that excitement anymore because we have to monitor our children rather than enjoy the time together. Even though our children are very good in the water but the worry and fear of drowning always at the back of our head.

We did try giving our children floaties, and any sort of floating device but it doesn’t seem like 100% reliable so in the end, it’s just a waste of money and we are just in the water to keep an eye on our children. Then, one day while my husband browsing the internet, he stumble upon this Sauf Vest, to be honest it kinda look how most life jacket out there but the design itself capture our attention. So, we went to their showroom just to try it out, it looks promising at first and because of the price we just think it as an investment. We got the Neovi Life Vest for our youngest daughter. It was quite comfy and I still remember what my husband said, if this vest end up the same as the others at least this one we can use it as “bantal”. Funny, but he got a point.

That evening we tried in the pool and not going to lie but we were shocked on how well the vest float, not only that it has a lot of safety measure that we can’t believe it works so well! My daughter was so in love with it because of how comfy it is, not even once we heard she getting cranky asking to take off the vest. We were so amazed that we literally went to the showroom the next day to get for our two kids. We got the Henna series because my sons have different weight and again we are amazed that it got this feature where their pillow pops out when they’re doing a backstroke.

For the first time we finally can have a fun family time together, don’t get me wrong, it’s not like we didn’t have fun before but this time we are less worry than the usual we can play in the water while our kids can be themselves too. Honestly, this life vest is a life changing experience for all of us and a really great investment as they can wear it for a long, long time. Currently, we are planning to go to Langkawi for island hopping and snorkelling, just for your information, this vests are lightweight and easy to pack, we didn’t have to bring extra bag for it.