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We receives so many questions,
how to use Sauf Vest on my babies?

In the water know-how is crucial, only the Sauf Baby Life Vest functions as it should. We knew too, from tagged videos, that the Sauf vest has been used incorrectly. Especially among parents of babies & toddlers.

That is why we team up with Cikgu Zack for the campaign

This dedicated programme is for you & your baby:

I want to introduced my baby to swim

I know water-confidence important for my baby

Me & my baby will be on an island trip soon

I wish to enjoy snorkeling without leaving my baby behind

is here to guide you the know-how baby in the water

So baby & you are ready for your next family island trip!

You can self-train your baby at your free time & in relax way

Baby & you get to use Sauf correctly in the water

No time & money commitment

More 15633 babies & kids has used Sauf Vest ever since 2016.

and we’ll continue experimenting to deliver your parenthood needs without compromising the baby safety and comfort when you’re on holidays (because we are parents too 🤗)


It’s the first ever, in Malaysia. Would you like to be the first?

Its on 14, 15, 16 February 2023

Pusat Akuatik Seksyen 13 Shah Alam

Open for the first 50 babies only

Face to face guidance for baby & you

Get to know your baby’s swim coach

Cikgu Zack, a father of 2 kids & with 14 years of full-time swimming teaching

More about Cikgu Zack

For him, you should start by nurturing your baby water confidence first, which you, can do by yourself, at your own relaxing time, with your own pace.

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Open for the first 50 toddlers only