5 Smart Reason To Join
SAUF Mothership Program

Posted by Izzan Salleh | 25 November 2018

It’s here, our radically amazing new collections of life vest polished with significant upgrades. Check these out!

Like you, we love sharing our best moments with everyone. Sauf Mothership is a membership program that we created to reward moms while the kids are having fun with Saufvest. In the meantime, we spread water safety awareness together. Supermom detected.

These are the reasons why you going to start bonding with us soon :

1. Its FREE

No Cost, No registration, no monthly fee, no commitment.

2. Smartphones are your best buddy

Undeniable, nowadays we use smartphones to complete our routine’s tasks.

3. Your friends and followers like you

You know, you get 20 likes when you mistakenly posted an unedited picture. 50 likes for a selfie. Comments are lining up congratulating you and they cry with you at your rant status.

4. You are not selling anything

Yes, we knew you don’t like to sell and don’t have time for it. This program is for you to get reward when people clicked at your Personalized URL Link (PUL).

5. By joining Mothership Program, you will also gain

  • Access to grand launching party

  • Guide by certified coach on water confidence training

  • Access to new product line

  • Chance to be product ambassador / model

These why friends envy you

  • Chance to win Grand Prizes of 3D2N Trip to REDANG ISLAND!

  • Chance to win 2D1N voucher to Thistle Resort, Port Dickson.

  • Chance to win RM30 Starbucks Voucher.

How it works?

Share the link, each click you will get RM0.15. What happen if your friend that clicked decided to buy Saufvest? You earn 15% of sale price. Let’s say she choose Neovi Infant Life Vest (RM 259) , then you will get RM 38.85. WHOA!


So this is how you get the rewards..

  • Share and repost with your PUL link. This is important as the system couldn’t detect postings without any PUL.

  • The PUL link can be easily shared and clicked in Facebook status or comments.

  • Avid user of Instagram? You can paste your PUL at your account’s bio.

  • You can share along your own personal experience using Saufvest while sharing the PUL.

Post a story, picture, experience, do review or post as you like it.

To make your photos and videos looks impressive and get high engagement, these are our suggestions:

  • Clear and bright.

  • Horizontal / landscape mode

  • Minimum 50% visibility of logo

  • End your caption with tag and hashtag @saufvest, #SaufVest, #SaufSquad

  • Live Video Minimum is 5 to 7 minutes

Happy rewarding yourself. Anyway, if you had any inquiries in mind, feel free to contact us at our careline 03-55245647 or mail to us at admin@www.saufasia.com.

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