the new website is here.
So what’s new?

Posted by Izzan Salleh | 20 December 2018

Welcome back, we missed you. It’s been a while since the team stayed overnight to make this a success. Here’s the new features we’d like to highlight.

  • Modern design, stunning graphics

Sophisticated design and high definition graphics are enough to keep you awake the moment you start browsing.

  • Informative website

Reading is boring, imagining is harder. We provide neat layout to avoid sore eyes, infographics that contain the ‘product in use’ as the life vest is in the water so you have a better understanding how they are used.

  • Powerful content of 360° product view experience

Witness it like you are in the showroom while you have a cup of coffee at your balcony. Hover as you wish.

  • Mobile responsive site (Via mobile or tablet)

Designed to fit smartphones view as everyone is having one and accessing internet with phones. Effortlessly convenient right?

  • Only 4 clicks away to purchase

Purchasing shouldn’t be a hassle, so we make it happen in just 4 simple clicks.

  • E-Commerce website and Easy payment method

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Paypal for global market. Good news to Malaysian, Singaporean and Bruneian, you get free shipping. As for delivery options, you can choose either standard delivery duration or fast delivery duration.

Well, enjoy your exploration and happy surfing!