SAUF Henna™ Child Life Vest (14-27kg)

Porto Covo Collection

UL Canada Safety Approval

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The signature kids’ life vest from Sauf. This UL Canada Safety approved child life jacket is made of flotation foam with heavy-duty knit soft Nylon fabric. Its top features, the Cushy-Ban™; a supporting pillow that allows the kids head above water either they are in the upright or back float position. Along with dual anti-slip harness & crotch strap, makes Sauf Vest the most thin swimming safety jacket. Best fit for above 14kg up to 7 or 8 years old. Kids start to learn to swim float jacket. Excellent for boating & snorkeling.

Safety Features

Drag to Rotate
floaties for baby-

3 compartment Cushy-BanTM

Cushions that covert until the top backside and sides of the head to keep it in a centre position allowing of the head to keep it in a centre position allowing the child to float longer and relax.
floaties for baby-


A safety strap designer to be easily reachable for parents as toddler should be within parents eyesight.
floaties for baby-

Half back foam:

The half cut foam contoured and follow the toddler bodies will not restrict kids movements.
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Quick dry:

With the overflow hole surround the whole inner vest will flush out the excess water in the vest and dry it quicker.
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It can be folded and pack into 10 litre bag pack for parents who love to travel.
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Crotch strap:

Makes life vest stay and stop from it riding up when actively toddler in the water.
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Front-hipTM buckle:

Positioned at the front hip level to give comfort to kids when they’re sitting and moving.
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Double clip lock buckle:

Secures and locks toddler tightly until it’s hard for them to open it up by themselves.
floaties for baby-

Soft Nylon lining:

Soft and a high quality Nylon designed to be long lasting, durable and soft to touch.
floaties for baby-


Lightest Personal Floating Device (PFD) in the market whether in or out of water and it won’t affect the child’s stamina when they are playing or moving around.
floaties for baby-


Strap works by making the strap takes longer time to snaps open when foam is over bloated in the water.

Extra Safety Features


It is so light whether in the water or out of the water and it won’t affect the child’s stamina when they are playing or moving around.

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