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We received thousands of queries from parents regarding which vest suit their children. Although you can get Sauf Kids Life Vest size and fit information via our official website, we still wanted to make things easy for everyone. With this table below, parents might have a better understanding of which series would fit your baby, toddler, and child. As you know, Sauf Vest’s kid life jacket is a piece of safety equipment for any water based activities including a water theme park and lake, choosing the right size and fit is very crucial. Why? Let us walk you through.

Sauf Kids Life Vest - Size & Fit Reference
Sauf Vest Size & Fit

As you can see in the Sauf Vest size and fit above, Neovi™ Infant listed under Neovi Series would only work well for newborn baby up to 14kg and was designed with its unique feature Cushy-Ban™, that covers until the top backside of the head allowing to float longer and relax while minimizing the amount of water from entering baby’s ears. 

Neovi™ Infant helps your baby floats in the water properly. This life vest for babies will make the baby feel comfortable and safe. Spend your weekends to let your babies become more comfortable with the life vest since every baby’s progress is different from one to another, right?

Neovi™ Infant - Swimming Vest For Babies

While Neovi™ Infant was made for baby, Henna Series, on the other hand, consists of 3 choices based on your kids’ weight as the main criteria for you to choose from. Ranging from 9kg until 14kg, Henna Toddler™’s life vest made from an EPE foam providing and assisting your kids to be completely comfortable wearing in the water. These life vests for kids precisely will support your children afloat correctly. Henna Toddler™ life vest is a must-have for your 2 to 5 years* old kids.

Hundreds of families experienced better getaway trips with Sauf Vest life jacket and ultimately parents will no longer need a grandma or anyone to look after their baby and kids at home while snorkeling and boating. In fact, the whole family can be together while safety is safeguarded!

United States Coast Guard (USCG)
United States Coast Guard (USCG)
Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC)
Underwriters Laboratories Of Canada

As we mentioned, weight is the most important reference because a different weight will require a different buoyancy rate. The right buoyancy will assist and help kids to float and all our patented features also will work correctly. Adding to this, Sauf Vest Henna Series was crafted from a very high-quality soft nylon lining and you have no reason to worry for its durability and very light too. This lightest Personal Floatation Device (PFD) in the market won’t affect the child’s stamina when they are playing and moving during any water activities and it is approved by USCA and ULC! If you are looking for a life vest for a baby, toddler or even kids, you are at the right place.

You are welcome to visit our Shop Vest to get more information about our kid life vests. Check out our life vest collections and we hope a better understanding for all parents out there. Have a nice day!

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