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Float & Swim Vest – From a toddler to 14 years old kids

At Sauf, we have two series of life vests for babies and kids, Neovi Series and Henna Series. So, in this article, let’s get to know more about Henna Series and who knows, your kids might be a match for any of our Henna Series life vests, right?

Sauf Vest-Henna™ Series-Toddler to child swimming vest and life jacket
Henna™ Series – Swimming vest & life jaket for kids

Based on the picture above, Sauf has a range of life vests for your toddler, 14 kg up to kids with 41 kg weight. As for Henna™ Toddler, it’s designed for a toddler with starting weight 9 kg to 14 kg. This is the reason why a life vest is not measured by age, it is measured by weight due to the buoyancy factor. This is the just nice age for them slowly gain water confidence which will be needed if you have ever thought to enroll them for a swimming class in the future.

Next, meet our life vest named Henna Child™. If your kids weighted from 14 kg up to 27 kg, Henna™ Child would be an excellent match for them. Based on Asian Kids Growth Chart, your kid’s age for our Henna™ Child would be between 4 years to 8 years. You see here, your kids can use it for quite a long time, right? Isn’t it a worthy investment for them?

Swimming Vest For Kids - Sauf Vest Sens-Twist™
Cushy-Ban™ with Sens-Twist™

Each life vest under Henna Series comprises Sens-Twist™ designed with 3 compartments Cushy-Ban™ that will fold down when a kid is in a standing position and will spread open and covers from the top backside, then sides of the head when they roll-over into laying position including Henna™ Plus Size Child life vest.

Now you know all our Henna Series life vest, you may choose any from Sauf Vest Henna™ Series for your toddler and kids. Plan your getaway trip with the family, creates the most memorable trip ever.

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