Keep in mind that our Asian kids are smaller compared to Western. Even more importantly when we are choosing the right kid’s safety gear for your next island trip. Yes, you can get it from the boatman but, you are gambling on your kid’s life. Even the size does not fit to your 2 years toddler, you still have to wear it, no choice. ​

Kids Lovin’ It

Best Fitting For Baby & Toddler

Neovi™ Infant and Henna™ Toddler Life Vest is the answer for those who looking for your child’s life jacket to the maximum age of 4 years old OR 14 kg weight.

This Personal Flotation Device (PFD) is U.S Coast Guard and Underwater Laboratories Of Canada (ULC) approved. It is designed to support the baby’s neck and head by lessening the head movement as at this age their neck and head area are fragile.

Great For Adventurous Child

Henna™ Child & Henna™ Plus Size Child is designed to meet the need of your kids growing with high curiosity and hunger for adventurous! Very compact yet not bulky to nurture your kid’s creativity and imagination from 4 years old and above with weight allowance from 14 kg and above including plus size kids!

Feel free to contact our Care Line for Size & Fit



We believed that most of the parents having a hard time to find a kid’s life jacket especially kids around 4 to 5 years and below despite the safety issue is definitely our ultimate principle!

That is the reason why Sauf Vest is in the market to elevate the understanding and awareness of safety on the beach or even the pool. Over the past 4 years, we keep continuing to strive and bring everyone to have a better knowledge of the importance of life jacket design, especially for Asian kids.

Almost 4000 units have been sold and keep growing. Sauf Vest believed this increasing number showing awareness is increasing too.

Unit Sold

United States Coast Guard (USCG)
Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC)

Still Thinking
You Shouldn’t Own One?

  • 24/7 holding your kids in water
  • Not ‘Instagramable’ pictures
  • Stinky & kaput life jacket
  • ‘FISHering-kids’ (concentrate more to kids over fish..duhhh)
  • Fighting over ONE kids life jacket
  • Feeling unsafe

Usually, the boat will only provide a life jacket for an adult, not for kids. Fortunately, they provide the life jacket, even though it is not comfortable, I still put on the jacket for my kids. –

With Sauf Vest tenderly safe, my kids are as safe as my tender hug. A must item for a worry  free water escapade.  Madam Ayuni

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