“Safety gear will take care of your child when it is in a consistent care. your vest need some loving too!”

Standard life vest care:

During wet:
i. Rinse the vest thoroughly after use
ii. Dry the vest under a shade. Do not dry it directly under the sun because when expose under direct sunlight, it will damage the material of the vest and affect the quality of the float
iii. Do not hang the vest by the strap. Because the vest’s weight will damage the quality of the strap as it’s unable to withstand the pressure too well

After dry:
i. Hang the vest inside a closet or any place that is not expose to any direct heat source.
ii. Do not put any heavy load on top of the vest as this will damage the vest

Washing your life vest:

i. Softly and gently brush around the stain. Use a soft brush or your fingers to rub the area. Make sure to use a non-corrosive soap and avoid using any harsh chemicals.
ii. DO NOT dry clean your life vest

DO NOT rent the vest for your kids:

i. Untrained baby will not able to use the vest properly and it will not help the baby to float safely and this can increase the risk. Easily panic infant can lead to a worse situation
ii. The size of the vest is different for every babies. Because there’s no baby has the same size as their age

i. The rented vest may have not been clean thoroughly as this can lead to the children common transferable disease–Hand Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD).
ii. Rented vests are used by lots of people per day, the germs and bacteria accumulated in the vest can lead to baby serious health problems.
iii. You can never know if the previous user doesn’t have any contagious disease that sticks onto the life vest.