SAUF VEST Warranty

At Sauf, we offer a 1-year guarantee on all our Sauf baby/child life jackets. This guarantee provides a 1-to-1 exchange warranty, allowing you to exchange your product for a new Sauf baby/child life jacket in the event of an approved claim. However, it’s important to note that repairs are not covered under this warranty.

Covered Components: Our 1-year guarantee includes the Sauf baby/child life jacket and its essential component, such as:

  • Stitching
  • Fabric Material
  • Buckle and its Functionality
  • Straps and its Functionality
  • Inside Foam

Eligibility for Warranty: To be eligible for warranty coverage, please ensure that:

  • You purchased a brand new Sauf product directly from our official website, official Shopee and Lazada shops, or authorized dealers.
  • The product has been used in accordance with the recommendations provided in the product booklet and safety booklet included in the packaging.
  • The warranty is limited to domestic and personal use only and does not cover commercial use.
  • Exchanges will be made for the same size as the originally purchased jacket. In case the claimed color is out of stock, we may offer a different color or a different model with the same size.

The following conditions are excluded from warranty coverage:

  • Faded printing
  • Damage caused by sharp items or surfaces leading to tears
  • Stains or water damage due to improper storage
  • Lost or stolen jackets
  • Jackets used for commercial purposes (rented out to the general public)
  • Alterations
  • Warranty request without PURCHASE RECORD (no purchase records found from the given phone number/ email address in the system)
  • Staining or water damage due to improper care/handling of Sauf Vest after use (See CARE AND MAINTENANCE Section)
  • Use of direct sunlight and/or a clothes dryer for drying purposes
  • Warranty is not transferable (for preloved life jackets)

How To Claim Sauf Vest Warranty

Walk-in Claim:

  • Visit our showroom with the Sauf baby/child life jacket and provide your order record with your email address and telephone number (for purchases from e-store, a phone number/ email address is required to verify the original purchase)
  • Our team will verify the validity of your purchase.
  • Fill out the warranty form provided in-store.

Postal Claim:

  • Visit our website and navigate to the warranty section.
  • Download and fill out the warranty form
  • Mail the completed form along with the Sauf baby/child life jacket to our office. Mailing Address: No. 23, 2, Jln Lengkuas B 16/B, Rimba Jaya, 40200 Shah Alam, Selangor

Sauf Vest +1 Year Warranty Extension

To enhance your Sauf Vest ownership experience, we are excited to announce a promotional programme that is offered exclusively to our valued customers.

With Sauf Vest +1 Year Warranty Extension, you may extend your warranty coverage for another one more year from the day you purchased your Sauf Vest.

All you have to do is follow the steps in the email titled: Extended Warranty Programme.

For refund / exchange policy, please refer here.