Pool is here

Posted by Izzan Salleh | 24 December 2018

“All aboard!”

Except that your child is panic to be in the water and doesn’t have any idea what’s a life vest for. Dear mom, here’s some steps that might change your day.


Be in the water together with your child. Gently hold her hand and make her believe that she’s safe. Let her float, with Cushy-Ban your child can lean her head and relax.

    • SPLASH

  • Splash a bit of water to let her discover by herself the nature of water. If she does the same thing to you that’s a good sign of adaptation.

    • BUDDY- Toys like rubber duck, bubble gun, fish swimmer can assist your child to distract her from being nervous.

    • GAME- Make a game out of it. Catch me if you can or collect all the floating toys on the water can be EXCITING.

    By doing these, your memory card should be full of memorable photos. Don’t forget to tag us!