SAUF® Toddler Swimming Life Vest Orange Blue


Size: 9 – 14 kg

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Looking for the best kids life vest size?

SAUF introducing a range of sizes from newborn to 14 years old kids.

What parents say about SAUF kids life vest

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"My little ones hates being strapped in to anything be it car seat, high chair, strollers etc but accepts this like a champ! This Sauf Vest is lightweight and of good quality with comfortable material, dries quickly and loved the color too! He still hates the water so hope by continue using Sauf will build his confidence in swimming soon. Thanks Sauf for the great product!"

-Wan Lin, from Facebook Sauf Vest

What makes moms choose SAUF?

9 safety features that helped a thousand mommies out there!

Canadian Approved Kids PFDs

SAUF Hènna life vests series approved by the Department of Transport Canada as can be seen inside each flotation vest with the unique code number for each series.

Large 3-Petals Collar

A large cushion to support kids’ heads when in the back float position. This patented feature brings a Sens-Twist™ movement; where the kids swim in the upright position, the collar folds down. When she’s turning into a back float, the collar spontaneously spread open, supporting the kid’s head and allowing her to float longer in comfort.

Grab handle

A safety strap at the top of the jacket can be easily reached by parents when need to pull kids out of the water immediately.

Crotch Strap

A safety strap between the legs to prevent life jacket ride up when kids jump into the water and keep children’s chin above the water.

Freedom in movement

Hènna series is a vest-type floaties that gives children the real sense of buoyancy allowing learning to swim by moving hands and legs.

Quick dry

Hènna life vest comes with an overflow hole surrounding the whole inner vest will flush out the excess water in the vest and dry it quicker.


Hènna life vest can be folded and packed into a 10-liter bag pack.


With only 218gm, Hènna life vest offering compact, thin, and comfortable for a long hour wearing whether in the water or playing around water.

Double Click Lock Buckle

Safety buckles with double click lock as added safety features.

Additional information
Weight 0.300 kg
Dimensions 32 × 27 × 12 cm

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