SAUF Neovi™ Infant Life Vest (0-14kg)

Hi! Berry Collection

Coast Guard Safety Approval

Best Infant Life Vest

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Sauf brings you the signature baby life vest from Hi Berry Collection. This US Coast Guard-approved baby life jacket is made of flotation foam with heavy-duty knit Neoprene that gives tenderness to a baby. Its top features, the Cushy-Ban™; a pillow to support the baby’s neck and head while the baby is in back float swimming along with zipper, anti-slip harness & crotch strap. Best fitted for 6 month old infant up to 14kg toddler. A kids start to learn swim gear. Excellent for boating & snorkeling.


Safety Features

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Best Infant Life Vest-Cushy-Ban


A soft and supple cushion that covers until the top backside of the head allowing to float longer and relax.
Best Infant Life Vest-Hero-Strap


A safety strap designer to be easily reachable for parent as babies should be within parents’ eyesight.
Best Infant Life Vest-Comfort-Fit

ComfortFitTM with no foam at the back:

The design will turn only some children to the face up position.
Best Infant Life Vest-Crotch-Strap

Crotch strap:

Makes life vest stay and stop from it riding up when toddler in the water.
Best Infant Life Vest-Side-Hip

Side-HipTM bunckle:

Positioned at the front side hip level to give comfort to babies when they’re sitting.
Best Infant Life Vest-Double-Clip-Lock-Buckle

Double clip lock buckle:

Secure and locks the buckle tighly until it’s hard for children to open it up by themselves.
Best Infant Life Vest-Neoprene

The Neoprene material:

Helps to keep the baby warm and soft
to touch fabric care and protect the babies sensitive skins.
Best Infant Life Vest-Anti-Slip

Anti-slipTM strap:

Works by making the strap takes
longer time to snap open when vest foam is over bloated in the water.

Extra Safety Features


a) When in the boat ride Cushy-Ban™ acts as a soft head cushion that absorb bumping and it can also be for a head rest while babies take their nap time on the boat.
b) Toddler can be very excited around the pool and Cushy-Ban™ acts as a head pad if the child falls due to the slippery pool floor.

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