SAUF Referrals Program

Earn handsome commission by partnering with Sauf Vest, the highly recommended brand for baby & kids water safety gear in the Southeast Asia region. 
Sauf Referral Program offers a handsome commission from your friend’s qualifying purchases. You can create revenue passively by simply sharing your personalized link. 

It’s Simple

Register with us and we provide you the tools to earn a commission, while we handle the ordering, shipping, and billing. No stock holding, no commitment. 

Referrals To Be Benefits

  • Earn commission on all products
  • Exclusive newsletter guides to earn more
  • Exciting promotions to share with your friends
  • Referrals-only special offers & promotions

It’s Free to join! 

We have limited referrals seats to offer you, register with us here, and it’s FREE!

B) FAQ & other terms: 

Our system tracks affiliates using cookies that are stored in your friends browser when she clicks your personalized link.  

If your friend visits Sauf site but does not purchase, then returns to Sauf site using that same browser at a later date (with the browser cookie still intact), and does complete a purchase at that point, a referral can still be generated for the referring affiliate.

The cookie will still be intact in 60 days of duration.

It’s a passive income stream for you. No stock holding, no commitment. Just share your personalized link on your Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and other platforms along with your kids’ experience using Sauf Vest.

You will be paid a 5 percentage (5%) commission each time your friends buy through your personalized link at each qualifying purchase. 

It’s free, no commitment, and a reputable brand among parents.

Anyone. At any posts. 

You will be paid in local currency Ringgit Malaysia (MYR) to your authorized bank account. Paypal transfer is available for overseas affiliate accounts only. 

Sauf Referral Program Terms & Condition:

About purchase
  • Qualifying purchase means a completed purchase transaction. 
  • Item that is in return is excluded.
  • Item is on exchange (due to wrong size, faulty, defects) is included for commission scheme. 
  • Tax & shipping fees shall not include in referral rate calculations.
 About payment
  • Payment will be paid in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) directly to your bank account registered in your affiliate account.