Swimming vest for non-swimmer

Here is how you should to safeguard your children
as young as 
newborn to 41 kg

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Kids can become wild when they are in the water, just like a happy fish in its habitat. But, this happiness can be turned to disaster if they are not well safeguarded.


Water-parenting Made Easy

Learn to swim is important. However, our busy life won’t favor us. It’s our responsibility to let them enjoy the water-play comfortably, anyway. But, you can be sure their safety is safeguarded if you are choosing the right floating device to the right age and the right size. This is what Sauf Vest offers you!


Confirmed Float

With Sauf Vest, your kids will be able to float without having to make an effort. It will float in either:

1. Up-right float – Float vertically with the chin above the water level.

2. Back float – Float horizontally in lying position with the support of Cushy-Ban™

Courtesy by Mr. Firdaus


Sauf Vest comes with patented features that reduce your kids from swallowing too much water by turning them into a face-up position.


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