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How To Control Kids That Actually ‘Play’ In The Water?

Yes, it is easy if you have 1 kid. How about having 2, 3, or more kids? To control all-of-them when swimming pool play or visiting the nearby beach is the most stressful situation for most parents.

You know that your kids are not easy to control.
You realize water is unpredictable.
We hear a lot – The swimming pool can be a death trap!

Indeed, you need assistance to manage the situation well. Why not getting them a quality swimming kid’s life vest? A life jacket (life vest) – able to provide the life-saving option, when things out of control.

This is far better than floaties, inflatable float, or a ring float. Look at what’s parents say when they choose to get a kids’ life vest over a common float.

Sauf Kids Life Vest Review on Facebook

Sauf Vest Facebook Review 01

“Sauf Vest is best for my baby. It is far way better than inflatable float. Helping me monitoring my baby when we’re at the swimming pool. It has safety approval by Coast Guard Approved.” – Ayu Nurhidayu

“This swimming vest has a feature; The Head & Neck Support. This amazing feature avoiding my kids swallowing much water when we were swimming, boating and playing at the beach” – Shazlee Romli

“It is surprisingly thin and light safety swimming vest. My boy can move around easily while wearing it” – Wan Lin

“My special need kid start to swim confidently when using Sauf Kids Life Vest. He loves it much. Although he’s big size, Sauf vest has a perfect size for him, 27 kg to 41 kg swim vest size” – Qaseh Nur Humaira

“The best swimming vest ever, after I have tried many other types before. They have good customer service too “ – Raisya Rayyan

Sauf Kids Life Vest Review on Instagram

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“Thanks to Sauf Kids Life Vest! My baby girl starts to have better confidence in the water. So I can just worry no more” – Jasmine

sauf vest instagram-review-1

“It’s like he is owning the hotel swimming! Many thanks to Sauf Kids Life Vest, Muhriz had so much fun and a very good time” – Melissa Rina

sauf vest instagram review 2

“I am the happiest daddy in this world. My kids are actually really enjoying their swimming every time we had our vacation, be it at the swimming pool or at the sea.” – Herman

Sauf Kids Life Vest Review on Google

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“Tried this Sauf kids life vest and it is the best! I am really at ease when we are in the swimming pool with my son and my wife can join us together too. Amazing!” – Incik Kebun

“If they sell a life vest for an adult, confirmed, I will be the first to buy it! Sauf Kids Life Vest is great for my kids as we have a private swimming pool at our apartment.” – Nurul Hazwani

“Sauf kids life vest is totally the best! I don’t know how to explain it, but it is a life saving especially when all my 3 kids are in the water altogether.” – Esamuddin

“It is so hard to get this kind of product in Malaysia. It comes with ULC approval and so many other safety features especially the head and neck cover. Spending time at the swimming pool with him is no longer chaos.” – Mira Mustafa

Sauf Kids Life Vest Review on Customer Careline

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“What a relief! We planned to send our boys to swimming class, but now with Sauf Kids Life Vest, the boys’ confidence is getting better. No more worries when the boys are in the swimming pool anymore.” – Suraya

Sauf Vest Whatsapp Review 03

“I tried other brands and floating devices in the market, this Sauf Kids Life Vest is the best by far! I’ve been searching for this kids life jacket because my kids are like a fish when they’re in the swimming pool.” –
Khairul Nizam

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