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Life Jacket For Babies & Toddlers

If you are having a dilemma choosing a life vest for your kids between Neovi™ Infant or Henna™ Toddler, allow us to help. You will get a clearer vision of what makes Neovi Infant is for baby and Henna Toddler for a toddler. After this, you and your kids are ready for snorkeling in Langkawi!

Choosing a life jacket for a baby or toddler is very important because it is safety equipment that helps to minimize the risks during any water-based activities. You might get confused between Neovi Infant and Henna Toddler because both of its limit 14 kg as the maximum weight allowed. You see here, a life jacket is not measured by the age, it is measured by the weight of its user. Let see the comparison below.

sauf-Asia-porto-covo-collection-contest-kids life jacket

Based on the comparison above, if your kid is already capable to walk properly and has any water-play experience in the swimming pool for example, then Henna Toddler will be the answer.  It’s the perfect match for your toddlers weight from 9 kg to 14 kg. As simple as that! Your kids can move easily in it and they will slowly gain the water confidence. How? Bring them frequently to the swimming pool. It is a subjective process in which some toddlers will learn faster than the other. Patience is the virtue here dear parents.

On the other hand, Neovi Infant will be answering for a life jacket for babies. It created with a patented design of safety features such as zip with stopper, 2 very high-quality buckles in the front, and 1 buckle for the Crotch Strap. Neovi Infant covered with 1.5 mm Neoprene with fabric laminated which is the same material used for diving suits. To prioritize more on your baby’s safety, Neovi Infant comes with Snuggle-Cuddle™ to support the baby’s neck and head by lessening the head movement as at this age, their neck and head are fragile and it provides support like how a mother holds her baby.

For your information, Henna Toddler and other Henna Series vest powered by driFit technology designed to help this life vest dry faster so you can play longer and comfortable too. While Neovi Infant will fit your baby with our ComfortFit™ with no foam at the back to assist the baby in a face-up position. This is to minimize the amount of water sucked by the baby accidentally.

life vest for baby and kids

We really hope you did get a clearer vision. Now we bet you are ready to choose between Neovi Infant and Henna Toddler for your baby and toddler. You can place your baby’s life jacket in the car boot, you might need it whenever you see the swimming pool after this.

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